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Healthy in a glass - Food & Drinks in a Jar

The preserving jars from James Jar and Co. make urban life easier and more beautiful, both in everyday life and at events.

Many things may look quite retro in the glass, others are ultra-modern. However, one thing remains the same - the love of enjoyment with quality andSustainability.

Healthy nutrition to go
The Swiss start-up was founded in spring 2016. All culinary creations - whether salty, sweet, warm or cold - have been created and developed for this purpose, also on the go, in the office or after the gym to eat healthily with fresh natural products from the glass. James Jar & Co. was founded with this basic idea, healthy nutrition, a cool and at the same time sustainable lifestyle.

Unforgettable jar catering for every occasion

Whether it's a picnic, wedding, birthday party, brunch, Christmas party or other occasion. James Jar & Co. supports every host in surprising their guests with lots of delicacies from the jar: salty, sweet, warm or cold. A fresh, healthy, seasonal cuisine that includes herbs from Switzerland as well as old, newly discovered types of vegetables from grandmother's times. Creativity and quality are our top priority.James Jar & Co. focuses on fresh, healthy and delicious food made from regional products without additives.

After James Jar & Co. with the original Jar catering since 2016 at various localEvents, street food festivals, but also a lot of positive and constructive things on private occasionsfeedback, we are convinced that our vision of contemporary creative cuisineto be continuously developed further in the year. In addition, we also take the opportunitywould like to be able to help shape a zero waste lifestyle that is just as exemplary as it is cool.The passion for original quality products, creative sustainability and timeless durabilityStyle has found greater appeal than we could ever have dreamed of.

Origin of James Jar & Co.

It all started in family and friends with the personal need for fresh and healthy food in sustainable packaging instead of plastic. Fresh and inspired by the day - that is the most important requirement for the meals to-go: after consumption, the glass can be used again, can even be washed in the dishwasher and then refilled as the mood takes you. This corresponds to the wishes of our target group, which can be found in every age group and is always looking for the compatibility of mobility and a healthy lifestyle at the same time. It is important to them that their healthy diet easily fits into their daily  everyday rhythm can be integrated - both at work and in sporting or social activities.


Would you like to fill your own jar for on the go?

Then write to us and order your Original Jar

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